"Sculpting the West"


     Al Christensen was born in 1946 in a small logging town in Washington State. In the early sixties the job opportunities in these small towns were slim and Al found himself in the U.S. Marine corps.

     Out of the service and married, Al struggled to find time for art while working in the trades to maintain a family of six, but he never lost the desire to create with his hands.

     Though self-taught, Christensen is quick to recognize those who have helped him along the way. Sculptors John McCrea, Peter Rubino and Grant Speed are some that have offered a helping hand.

     The romance of the West with all the big characters and native people, is the drive behind Christensenís art. With childhood dreams of the open land and its people, it was disappointing to find it gone by the time he was grown. But, he soon found that with clay, he could bring back some of those long ago dreams.

     Now living in Tucson Arizona, Al is currently creating a body of work that reflects those characters and peoples of the West that filled his boyhood dreams.  Researching the subjects and their traditions for his work only inspires him more and fills a lot of Alís time.  Each piece is done with a heart felt respect and admiration for the native people of this great place they call the west.

     Al hopes others will look at his work and hear the thunder of hooves and the sound of distant drums, sharing the romance of all those big characters of a long-ago time.

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